Tanya is the co-writer and an associate producer of the documentary feature, THE ZEN SPEAKER: BREAKING THE SILENCE, directed by Robin Greenspun (Culture Dog Films) in association with Quiet Film.

The movie tells the story of Las Vegas native, Amy Ayoub, a prominent political fundraiser and public-speaking coach. For thirty-eight years, Amy was burdened by a terrible secret: as a vulnerable seventeen year old, she had been recruited into a life of violence and exploitation.

Then, in 2012, Amy learned about Nevada Assembly Bill 67, a bill designed to fight sex trafficking.

THE ZEN SPEAKER: BREAKING THE SILENCE charts Amy’s transformational journey from a tumultuous childhood in Las Vegas to her emotionally wrenching testimony before the Nevada State Legislature in 2013.  With raw candor—and sometimes wry humor—Amy reckons with her past, and her legacy of shame, trauma, secrecy, and loss.

Along the way, we meet the people whose lives Amy has touched: her family members; her friends; business, political and legislative associates; and fellow trafficking survivors who have found a devoted mentor and advocate.


Tanya is currently at work on a series of short film scripts adapted from the stories in BRASS. Her first writing credit, an adaptation of her story THE DEAL—directed by Louis Frederick—won a Special Jury Prize at the U.S. National Short Film Competition in 2003.

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